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Rafael Miralles (Alicante, 1964)


With these projects, where the document and imagination meld, I want to show reality in a more complete way, highlighting the surreal, as well as the extraordinary aspect, which, out of habit, becomes trivial to our eyes.

In my work process, there are three fundamental central concepts:


First, the starting point and foundation for all projects: documenting everyday life, highlighting its importance and beauty, but also its contradictions.

Then, showing the parts of reality that seem like fiction: subjective objectivity.

Lastly, melding reality and fiction: To achieve my purpose, I don't hesitate to retouch reality, to make it fit what I want to narrate. However, unlike a false documentary, my job is to make a documentary where, in same cases, a scene may be built, the performance included as well as other artistic practises, but not with the intent of simulating reality, yet rather to complete it.

I'm seeking to turn the documentary into a sort of tale, where I try to reconcile the rational, as well as the strange part. This means that I can include references to film, art or fantastic literature, blended with everyday life, thereby creating a poetic effect.


The sense of humour makes my work more accessible, and also gives a positive tone to all my videos.


So as to not lose spontaneity, I work with Handycam, mobile phones and very basic edition. Otherwise, the result wouldn't be the same. This means that I obtain an aesthetic removed from marketing and the seduction we're used to. It's highly direct; it reminds me of pencil and paper or a good, simple photo camera to take notes or keep memories.

Regarding how long it lasts, I personally support brevity. I prefer to synthesise and make short pieces, like a tale or a poem.

The sound map, recorded in real time, and the use of samplers, allowed me to create the soundtrack. For me, sound is a fundamental part of the videos, both for the project's general atmosphere and its conceptual part.


Aware of the viewer's active role, I always seek to make an open work. Creating enough stimuli so that, based on their knowledge and experience, each individual can interpret it differently.

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